Alternative Addiction Treatment

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  • Empowerment/Early Recovery
  • Alcohol Recovery
  • Families in Recovery
  • Psychoeducational

Group Descriptions

Families in Recovery

Addiction doesn't just effect the individual. The shock wave of substnace abuse shatters the lives of those who are close. Families need to recover too. No one person in a family system can change, for better or worse, without changing everyone else. Resentments, fear, anger, guilt, shame...these are all feelings that are assocaited with substance use, but they areexperienced by the family, frineds, and loved ones's as well as the one struggling with addiction. 

Families in recovery is a psychoeducational group for family members to come and learn more about substnace abuse, chemical dependency, the disease model, treatment options, and why they are not at fault. It's a place to learn and to gain an understanding that no one has to face this struggle alone. 

Alternative addiction treatment is a holistic approach to a problem as old as time. Combining modern and traditional approaches, at Vivacity Healing we strive to treat the harmful effects of addiction on the mind, body and spirit. If achieving a life free from addiction is your goal, Vivacity Healing is here to help you meet it.

Psychoeducational Classes

The world of alternative and holistic treatment options for addiction recovery are vast, but understanding where to start and what to do doesn't have to be complicated. We've done the research and offer classes to help you understand more about your options, how and why they work, what to look out for, and how it can help you in your journey in recovery.